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  Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability is defined as:

  1. Practices that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  2. Using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.
  3. Leaving the world a better place or at least not any worse than it was left to you.

The very nature of Arborguard’s work and passion is to promote the principles of sustainability. In 2008, we were awarded the “Going Green Award” by the Georgia Chapter of the Community Associations Institute, for initiatives adopted to reduce our environmental impact, such as:

  • In 2006, a fleet of Hybrid cars was purchased for our consulting arborists, dramatically reducing emissions and fuel consumption
  • All trucks are fueled with low-sulfur, reduced-emission, diesel fuel
  • All wood and wood chips are recycled as mulch or organic compost
  • Greenwood waste is mixed with food waste through a unique partnership with Greenco Environmental, an award-winning company specializing in organic recycling
  • No wood products are diverted for use as fuel, a common practice that releases carbon into the atmosphere
  • High-nitrogen fertilizers have been eliminated – all soil amendments are 100% organic, preventing watershed contamination
  • Water mixed with liquid applications is derived from a local well, with no chlorine or chemicals added
  • Office waste, such as paper, aluminum, plastic, etc. is continually reduced, reused, and recycled

Arborguard recognized long ago that trees dramatically reduce the impact that our daily activities have on the quality of air, water, and soil. They deserve exceptional care, and it is our privilege to provide it.

First Fleet of Hybrid Company Cars in the State of Georgia

"Arborguard is on the sustainable practices into its daily operations, including adding a fleet of hybrid gasoline/electric cars for its sales force."

"We don’t just want to be a company that preserves trees. We want to do everything we can to create a positive impact on the environment . . . I think it was just the right thing to do’.”

Spence Rosenfeld, Arborguard Founder

March 2007
The monthly newsletter of the Tree Care Industry Association

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