Our Organic-Based Soil Care Program

Healthy trees require rich soil teeming with living organisms. Urban soils are sterile and lack organic matter like that found on the natural forest floor. Nutrients are deficient and pore space for oxygen and soil moisture has typically been eliminated by compaction. No wonder the life expectancy of urban trees is a fraction of those found in nature. Urban trees, critical to our quality of life, are terminally threatened.

To address this, Arborguard offers an organic-based soil care program. Our holistic approach mimics natural processes to address urban soil needs.

  • Soil Therapy involves duplicating natural conditions by adding organic matter, micronutrients, and living microbes to the soil, while simultaneously aerating compacted pore space. Our proprietary ArborGrow® Soil Therapy mix contains a custom blend of plant extracts, worm castings, Acadian sea kelp, humates, amino acids, biostimulants, and living, essential microbes. In addition, natural phosphites and select micronutrients are added for stability and to suppress disease-causing soil fungi. Materials are mixed with non-chlorinated well water, and pressure-injected to help fracture compacted soils and improve porosity and moisture retention.

  • Slow-Release Fertilization can enhance tree nutrition and works in harmony with nature. Too often fertilizing trees with traditional fertilizers makes the situation worse by forcing rapid growth and increasing stress on already struggling plants.

Enter Arbor Green PRO®. This patented fertilizer mimics the natural breakdown and releases patterns of minerals in nature. A slower, controlled release rate makes Arbor Green PRO® an enhanced efficiency fertilizer that reduces nutrient loss due to volatilization and leaching. The fortified polyamino acids found in Arbor Green PRO® improve plants’ performance and their ability to resist and recover from environmental and pest problems. Applied to the soil, amino acids enhance nutrient availability and increase microbial activity, resulting in improved soil structure.

Since 1981, Arborguard has partnered with thousands of property owners to provide natural solutions for the preservation of trees in the urban landscape.


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