Tree Inventory & Assessments For Construction & Development Near Atlanta & Charlotte

Tree inventories involve geo-locating trees and collecting data about size, species, health, condition, location, and/or impact from construction.

Accurate information about trees provides the property owner with knowledge that is essential to managing and maintaining one of the most critically important natural resources on the site. In addition, many local ordinances require that a tree inventory and tree protection plan be completed before a site disturbance permit is issued.

During the inventory process, all trees over a specified diameter will be identified and numbered with a small aluminum tag.

We can locate the trees using our own GPS equipment. Then once identified and tagged, trees are assessed by our team for a variety of information fields that can be customized for the site or to comply with the requirements of any prevailing ordinance.

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Tree Inventory Benefits

An accurate tree inventory can benefit the owner in many ways, including:

  • Help designers place buildings and infrastructure in non-wooded areas or away from specimen trees
  • Identify critical root zones as part of a tree preservation plan for protecting and preserving existing trees
  • Earning SITES credits if trees can be saved in natural areas

We have in-house plotter capabilities to process PDF files or to create full-size blueprints, prepare documents, or modify existing design or construction drawings.

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Why You Should Use a Certified Arborist

It’s critical that tree information is accurate and it takes an experienced arborist to get it right. In many cases, errors in information can cost money, either through fines, stop-work orders or by paying too much recompense.

Only an experienced arborist can identify a hazardous tree, condemn the tree, support the analysis, and avoid recompense charges for the owner. 

Many ordinances exclude certain species from their tree protection requirements and also delete recompense charges for trees that are dead, dying, or hazardous.


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