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For over 35 years Arborguard has helped conserve trees on the most demanding and prestigious construction projects in the southeast.

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Tree Conservation Services for Construction & Development Near Atlanta & Charlotte

For over 35 years Arborguard has helped conserve trees on the most demanding and prestigious construction projects in the southeast.

Tree conservation on construction sites involves much more than just putting up fences and staying off critical root zones.

To successfully conserve trees during construction, it’s critical that a certified arborist who is familiar with all phases of site construction is engaged in the early stages of design to protect trees through the entire construction project.

Understanding a tree’s biology is only a part of the essential knowledge necessary for success. It also requires years of hands-on exposure to construction processes and techniques.

Arborguard has partnered with hundreds of developers in the Atlanta and Charlotte area since 1981 where success was achieved by using innovative techniques like root bridging, Air Spade excavation, soil nailing, helical piers, directional boring, and Airtech root invigoration.

In addition, Arborguard has pioneered the use of organic soil amendments that promote root regeneration and increase vitality, saving many trees that would have been lost during a construction project.

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Solutions Naturally For The Built Environment

Our team has the expertise to help you further your Conservation and sustainability goals. Read more about our services below:

Live Oak Relocation

Tree Protection On Construction Sites

Tree conservation is a methodical process best left to seasoned arborists who are familiar with all phases of the construction process.

Our tree protection and conservation program is comprised of several steps:

  • Tree inventory and assessment with in-house GPS capabilities
  • Ordinance compliance and permitting including recompense calculations
  • Design review of civil engineering, architectural and landscape drawings
  • Tree conservation plans including drawings and specifications
  • Site inspections and reports during actual construction
  • Tree care prescriptions, aftercare, and maintenance budgets
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Current & Past Tree Conservation Projects

Successful tree conservation requires a thorough knowledge of complex construction operations combined with seasoned communication skills.

We have worked on hundreds of complex and difficult projects where a positive project outcome was critical.

  • Atlanta Beltline
  • National Park Service
  • Southern Regional Infrastructure Project
  • East Lake Golf Club
  • Atlanta Botanical Garden Canopy Walk
  • Jekyll Island, GA Redevelopment Projects
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Memorial to Peace & Justice
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Sustainable Tree Conservation

We understand that sustainable natural resource conservation within the footprint of the urban forest is a part of today’s urban design challenges.

The Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) and Envision for Infrastructure are two current sustainability initiatives in the Greater Atlanta area.

To better serve our clients as they work through a sustainable project design, our team has the necessary qualifications and a deep understanding of these initiatives and navigating the complexities associated with sustainable design strategies.


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