Spence Rosenfeld founded Arborguard, Inc. in Atlanta in 1981 and ran the company until they merged with The Davey Tree Expert Company in 2017. He always carried a specialized approach to tree care that has always set them apart from their competition. Rosenfeld brought his vision to Atlanta to meet the critical need for a company that could provide Natural Solutions to problems between people and trees.

He built Arborguard from the ground up, growing the company to 90 employees and two locations in Atlanta and Charlotte. Arborguard went on to become the first company in Georgia to achieve TCIA Accreditation, in January 2007.

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Though Spence is no longer with us today, his legacy will be carried on through the business he built and the values he has instilled in all his followers. His top principles we will always carry are:

  • Always do my very best. 
  • Don’t work for money. Instead, work for the love and passion I feel from within. 
  • Treat everyone with honesty and fairness, as I would want them to treat me. 
  • Always do the right thing with the highest moral and ethical standards. 
  • Provide the best quality possible for those who understand and appreciate it. 
  • Listen to the customer and try to understand what they want. 
  • Admit my mistakes, take immediate responsibility and, without compromise, make amends. 
  • Contribute to the welfare of humanity and the community as a whole. 
  • Know what I believe in and live by those same principles. 
Arborguard 100
Arborguard 100

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