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Urban trees help define the character of a community’s streets, neighborhoods, common areas, and parks like nothing else can. They provide tranquility with their beauty, and are critical to the essence of a successful community. Unfortunately, trees often grow under extremely difficult conditions and are negatively affected by our daily activities. It is essential that the health of these trees be maintained in order to reduce the chances of premature decline and unnecessary risk.

Since 1981, Arborguard has partnered with hundreds of city arborists, officials, planners, non-profit groups, volunteer organizations, and community leaders to improve the safety, health, and beauty of their trees. We have helped write and review tree ordinances, provided expert testimony during conflict resolutions where community trees have been an issue, and pioneered the concept and development of urban tree surveys and management plans.

Our goal has always been to provide property owners and managers the information necessary to make informed decisions about their trees, and the future and health of their communities. We supply creative, common ground solutions to serve the interests of both a community’s people and its trees.

In addition to creating and implementing custom-tailored tree care plans, Arborguard has also been available as a resource to help educate and advise community organizations and leaders. We routinely provide seminars and professional guidance to promote goodwill for our industry and the welfare of communities and their trees.

Using TreeKeeper® inventory technology, we are able to quantify the environmental and economic value that trees provide. This information can be effective in promoting the importance of trees and can help to encourage political and community support and funding for tree planting and care.


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