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Annual Tree Care Plan Custom Tailored To Your Property’s Needs

A lot can happen to your trees in the course of a year. Damage from high winds can leave broken, hanging limbs in canopies, at risk of falling and causing injury or property damage below. Drought conditions can damage delicate root systems, leaving trees more vulnerable to attack from pests and diseases.

It’s important to evaluate your property at least once yearly in order to maximize the safety, health, and appearance of your trees. A thorough visual inspection by an Arborguard arborist is recommended as the first step in creating an Annual Tree Care Plan custom tailored to your property’s needs, which may include:

  • Pruning — Properly pruned trees are better able to resist pests, diseases, storm threats, and environmental stresses. Removing dead and diseased branches not only promotes tree health, but protects you from injury, property damage, and potential liability.
  • Soil Therapy – ArborGrow® is a natural solution to the needs of depleted urban soils, and involves duplicating natural conditions by adding organic matter, micronutrients, and living microbes to the soil, while simultaneously aerating compacted pore space.
  • Insect and Disease Control — targeted treatments can prevent or control specific problems, and are often necessary to prevent tree decline or loss.
  • Periodic Inspections — proactive property inspections allow identification of issues before they become costly problems.

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