Keeping Your Course In Top Notch Condition

Trees define the character of any course and are essential to the game. The care of these trees is critical, as the loss of even one key tree can alter course play.

Since 1981, Arborguard has partnered with dozens of golf courses, working to ensure that the vision, design, and intent of each course is exactly as they were meant to be. We know the challenges of maintaining harmony between trees and turf as they compete for sunlight. We understand the struggles of a Superintendent, and the complex interwoven interests of members, committees, and Boards. We know the complicated logistics involved in avoiding potential damage and interruption of play.

As your partner, Arborguard can develop a tree care program to include these critical components of a great golf course:

  • Player safety and liability from hazards
  • Canopy pruning for clearance and aesthetics
  • Thinning for shaded and sunlight enhancement
  • Lighting protection
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Soil therapy and aeration
  • Disease and insect control
  • Tree protection during construction or renovation

Arborguard makes your job easier by providing a single, experienced point of contact, ready to support your staff and supplement the rigors you face in keeping your course in top notch condition.


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