Custom Tailored Tree Care Programs Keep You On Track & On Budget

Trees not only provide aesthetic beauty, curb appeal, and privacy to a community, but substantially enhance property values and “sell-ability” as well. It is essential that the health of your trees be maintained in order to reduce the chances of premature decline and unnecessary risk.

Since 1981, Arborguard has partnered with hundreds of homeowner communities to maintain safe, healthy, and beautiful properties, managed for sustainability. Whether your community is a large, multi-unit condominium complex, or an enclave of individual homes, our custom tailored tree care programs reduce unexpected problems and costs, keeping you on track and on budget.

During a visit from an Arborguard ISA Certified Arborist, you can expect a visual review of your trees to address important concerns such as:

  • Potentially hazardous conditions
  • Reduction of risk from storms and high winds
  • Safety issues such as pruning for security, lighting, and visibility
  • Proper pruning to improve aesthetics or to open vistas
  • Roof and building clearance pruning
  • Raising of low branch levels to allow for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Detection of pests or disease, and recommendation for tree health
  • New tree planting and care

In addition, our TreeKeeper® inventory technology can quantify the environmental benefits (e.g., carbon sequestration and pollution removal) that your property’s trees provide. This information can help earn you LEED Certification points, and enhance your green messaging and sustainability efforts.


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