Insects, Diseases & Integrated Pest Management

Trees in their natural enviorment have evolved to develop a high degree of resistance to threats from insects and diseases. Conversely, urban trees face increased challenges due to their harsh growing conditions, leaving their resistance compromised and more vulnerable to attack.

It is vital that potential problems are identified and strategies created to protect trees in the urban and suburban landscape, as scale insects, ambrosia beetles, foliage diseases, trunk borers, decay organisms, and other pests and diseases are attracted to weakened trees.

Southern Pine Beetle

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated pest management (IPM) programs are the best solution for protecting your valuable trees. We recognize that not all insects are detrimental to a trees health; in fact some are beneficial to natural life cycles. Instead of blanket spraying properties with chemical pesticides, our plant healthcare technicians perform detailed property evaluations. After analyzing your property’s insect infestations, soil conditions, plant selection, and root problems, our technicians will provide you with a written report on treatments applied, observations of conditions, and a list of recommendations.

Our treatments are based on a logical approach and, when insect control is necessary, we use low impact treatments to reduce the use of harsh chemicals. Arborguard ensures an ongoing commitment to keeping your trees healthy and safe, reducing costs, and promoting environmentally-friendly tree cares practices.


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