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Atlanta Galleria Office Park

The Cobb Galleria Centre and the surrounding Galleria Office Park is a nationally recognized commercial development in Northwest Atlanta. Situated next to a variety of premier shopping, dining, and entertainment amenities, the development boasts thousands of square feet of space. The property is canopied by lush trees which Arborguard maintains.

Arborguard has been working with the Galleria since 1995. Many of the property’s trees are lined along streets and conflict with abutting pavement and asphalt; their health is threatened by lack of access to rich soil. In order to improve longevity, Arborguard has created a customized tree care plan consisting of soil aeration, root stimulants, and organic-based soil and nutrient supplements. In addition, regular pruning supports proper branch structure growth and adds to the development’s polished and professional character.

Tree health and vibrancy are essential to a thriving urban landscape. Because of Arborguard’s tailor-made tree care plan and maintenance, the Galleria’s trees are thriving. For over twenty years Arborguard has served as the Galleria’s leading tree care specialist and continues to do work annually in order to ensure that the property’s trees live longer and remain healthy.

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