Connecting A Community To Its Trees

Bellwood is a gated community of 34 classic, American two-story homes, three parks and quiet, tree-lined streets.

Bellewood is located in the heart of Dunwoody, Georgia. Completed in 2002, it is a gated community of 34 classic, American two-story homes, three parks and quiet, tree-lined streets. The Oaks, Elms, and Flowering Cherries help define the character of the neighborhood, while adding shade, beauty, and a connection to the natural, green environment. Bellewood is also an example of how partnering with Arborguard can prevent and solve problems while connecting a diverse community to their trees.

Large-growing shade trees planted in confined spaces ultimately lead to conflicts and problems. Trees will either decline and die, resulting in premature, costly removal and replacement, or outgrow their space, causing damage to buildings and walls, or conflicting with signs and security lights. If not properly addressed, problems with trees can create problems between neighbors and ultimately disrupt or polarize an entire community.

Arborguard was introduced to the community and worked with the Board to develop an Annual Tree Care Plan and budget. The plan’s goal was to eliminate existing tree decline, and included:

  • Providing custom structural pruning to contour trees to properly fit their surroundings
  • Identifying future potential problems with roots, retaining walls, and overhead utilities
  • Injecting organic matter, micronutrients, and living microbes into critical root zones
  • Performing root collar excavations to remove excess soil from tree bases

Arborguard has been an active partner with the neighborhood for several years. Tree problems are essentially eliminated and Arborguard has helped mediate tree issues with Georgia Power, landscapers, and even between neighbors.

The community has been virtually transformed. Where other similar communities have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars removing or replacing trees or repairing damage from roots, or during storms, Bellewood’s trees remain safe, healthy, and beautiful. The community knows what to expect, how much to spend, and can enjoy the natural landscape as it was intended to be.

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