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Concourse–An Atlanta Signature Property

Royal Treatment for the King and Queen’s Trees

Concourse is one of Atlanta’s signature office parks. Two buildings, the King and Queen Towers, are virtual landmarks to the hundreds of thousands who pass the intersection of I-285 and GA-400 each day. Five Class “A” office buildings, a luxury hotel, tennis center, two lakes, and over a mile of parkways create a special environment. Today, visitors experience tree-lined streets where shade and natural beauty complement and add character to this urban office complex.

It wasn’t always like that, however. Originally, the site was farmland before development began in 1983. Although thousands of trees were planted at a cost of more than $1 million, their survival was immediately threatened by poor soil and drainage conditions. Arborguard was called in to help provide effective solutions and stop tree decline and mortality. Treatment involved soil aeration to improve drainage, root stimulants, and organic-based soil and nutrient supplements. In addition, pruning to develop proper branch structure and preventive pest treatments were included.

Tree decline and mortality stopped almost immediately, and the health and vitality of the trees improved by 200%. From there, Arborguard developed a customized Annual Tree Care Plan and budget, which has been effectively preventing tree-related problems for 30 years. Despite changes in ownership and management, Arborguard has remained the tree care provider at Concourse due to the unquestionable success of the program. Tens of thousands of dollars in tree replacement costs have been eliminated and Concourse has truly evolved into a mature green oasis.

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