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The Atlanta Botanical Garden Holiday Lights

Arborguard Steps Up for the Botanical Garden

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is unique in its ability to offer a wide array of spectacular colors, forms, and expressions to a diverse public. Each winter, the Garden is home to one of the most impressive holiday light shows in the world, and was recently named one of Forbes’ Top Ten Dazzling Holiday Light Displays. Blanketing the Garden’s 30-acre expanse, “Orchestral Orbs,” “Starry Night Walks,” and “Liquid Lights” illuminate the night, bringing awe and amazement to visitors. Over 150,000 visitors attended this season–a record-breaking high.

In 2012, Arborguard was commissioned to perform the installation of all of the Garden’s aerial holiday lights, as the immense scale of the project required skill sets that surpassed traditional light-hanging services. Because Arborguard crews are trained to work at great distances from the ground, they were more than able to aid in the installation process. To ensure the safety of visitors and smooth execution of work, lead arborist David Dechant sketched out a detailed, multi-step hanging plan that allowed the Garden to remain open to the public as crews worked. Through careful analysis, planning, and collaboration, the lights were hung successfully, leaving no one in danger during the process.

Aborguard is, in many ways, a non-traditional tree company. We take pride in our ability to find creative solutions to a multitude of problems- some inside our field of expertise, some outside. Our tree crews and arborists strive to make it easier for businesses to realize their visions while forging a deep bond between urban and natural environments.

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