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The City of Decatur

A Brighter and Greener Future

The City of Decatur is a small, vibrant town located just east of downtown Atlanta dating back to the early 1800s. While maintaining a strong connection to the rich history of the city, Decatur has undergone extensive sustainability and revitalization planning, and is now internationally recognized for its efforts. The new, verdant developments bring together a diverse mix of residents, merchants, religious and academic communities.

In 1982 the City of Decatur implemented numerous tree-planting initiatives to add to the vitality of the city. Oaks, Elms, and Maples were planted along city streets, creating a green canopy for bikers, pedestrians, and drivers. Once planted, it became clear that it was vitally important to maintain the trees to prevent decline, dieback, and conflicts with lights, signs, and traffic.

Arborguard was contacted by the city to design an annual maintenance plan to help keep the trees in good health. Rigorous planning and assessment amounted to a detailed pruning, soil therapy, and pest management program to alleviate many of the problems. A unique feature of the plan involves directional pruning. Each year our crews shape and contour limbs that interfere with the visibility of storefronts; as a result, the trees grow away from buildings that would otherwise conflict with natural growth patterns.

Because of Arborguard’s innovative efforts, all the trees are thriving today and create a thick canopy spanning the entire city. As the City of Decatur’s preferred tree care provider, Arborguard continues to collaborate with city staff, the Decatur Business Association, the Decatur Development Authority, and the Decatur Environmental Sustainability Board to envision an even greener, healthier city.

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