Arborguard Safely Manages Storm-Damaged Trees 

After a storm, it’s a good idea to walk your property to assess any possible damage to your trees. Some damage will be obvious, with trees having fallen, or large branches on the ground. Some damage will be harder to detect, with branches only cracked and hanging, but not having reached the ground. It is important that all storm-damaged trees be tended to, as broken limbs can dislodge and cause damage to a person or property below.

While most tree care companies tout being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not every company is prepared to safely handle the aftermath of a storm. Storm-damaged trees can be extremely dangerous and require highly skilled climbers to safely manage their removal. Trees are often laying in precarious positions, can be tangled in other trees or structures, and prone to unexpected shifting.

Selecting the right tree care company to assist you following a storm is a serious decision. Consumers must be careful to differentiate between established companies that invest in a deeply-rooted culture of safety and training and those fly-by-night companies that attempt to capitalize on natural disasters.


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