Lightning Protection System (LPS)

We all know to seek shelter and avoid high ground during a lightning storm. Unfortunately, trees must face the storm and the dangers it brings. The most hazardous risk comes from the powerful force of lightning.

Thousands of trees are stuck and destroyed each year. Visible signs of lightning damage include broken limbs, split-open trunks, and stripped bark. However, the most detrimental result of a lightning strike occurs internally. While not immediately apparent, internal trunk and root damage can lead to a tree’s immediate or premature death.

The best form of protection against lightning damage is the installation of a Lightning Protection System (LPS). Specialized copper conductor wires are attached to a tree’s trunk and select limbs, with their tips strategically placed in the canopy. These tips serve to intercept lightning and send the powerful force of energy down through the conductor wires to the LPS’ ground system, bypassing the tree’s root system and routing it harmlessly into the ground.

Arborguard can help determine whether a Lightning Protection System is appropriate for your trees. Factors include species, location, size, and value. High-risk trees include White Oak, Red Oak, Tulip Poplar, Pine, lone trees, exceptionally tall or wide trees, and trees that are the largest in the neighborhood.


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